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Folks that spend their livelihoods tied up with this Internet thing—such as yours truly, for instance—can't help but have some inside knowledge. As part of my duty to the public, I've compiled a short list of stuff that deserves your attention.


Humor (or just plain silly)

Sports and Entertainment

Firefox Extensions

The list below represents my personal selection of Firefox extensions. I provide this list not out of vanity (well, maybe), but for reference. I find them useful, so chances are a couple might appeal to you, as well.

Disclaimer: If you don't use Firefox, you should. The only acceptable reason not to is if you're one of those Opera dudes. If neither of these categories apply to you—or you have no idea what's going on—then you'll kindly pimp your browser.


These words are completely fictional, horribly contrived, infrequently humorous and generally ignorant of all linguistic rules. They represent concepts that would otherwise go un-worded, a travesty I cannot idly tolerate. Feel free to suggest your your own insignificant creations of insanity—and don't pretend you're above this sort of thing.


  • Reference containing a list of fictional words and information pertaining to the meaning associated with each
  • Collection of letters which accidentally managed to form a cohesive, almost-comprehendable list of word
  • List of words that only further prove the usefulness of the author(s)


  • Result of an object that has assumed the quality of being trendy
  • Consequence of an element acheiving the status of a trend
  • Status of ineptitute gained by falling into the trap of trends, fads, and other aspects of stupidity


  • Quality of an attractive deed or action performed by an individual considered socially preferable
  • Accepted action of increased intrigue
  • Extreme achievement of awesomeness


  • Dull, steady pain located in the abdomen or belly
  • Linguistic contraction formed by combining the terms "stomach" and "ache"


  • Flavor regarded with special intrigue or preference
  • Self explanatory combination of two words that it isn't even worth the time to list


  • Witty combination of the common adjectives "good" and "great"

Quote Database

People said these things; somebody (presumably) wrote them down; an unspecified amount of time later I read them. In other words, these quotes are cool. I don't guarantee their authenticity, hilarity or emotional impact, but I do guarantee that—for one reason or another—I found them worth remembering.